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"Ms. Kaufer settled a case that was thought unsettlable. Her service and knowledge of business law was outstanding."- M. Duberchin, Defense counsel, business/contract

"She exhibited the skills and expertise of a practiced and professional neutral." - S. White, Plaintiff counsel, employment

"We had a motion for Summary Judgment on file that would have been a winner... this is one of the best Mediators I have seen." - T. Harris, Defense Counsel, professional negligence (legal)

"Laurel Kaufer is one of the best mediators on the list!!!" - M. L. Sheridan, Plaintiff's counsel, personal injury / product liability

"Ms. Kaufer stepped in at the eleventh hour, made special accommodations and scheduled the mediation with less than 36 hours notice.  She was fully engaged in the mediation and through her expertise, settled a case that was going to trial in two weeks, saving countless hours of judicial resources and client funds."  W. Rehwald

"Ms. Kaufer's  efforts to resolve cases before trial play an integral role in assuring judicial efficiency."  Alice C. Hill, Supervising Judge, North Valley District, Los Angeles Superior Court

"Thank you for your expert abilities and pleasant persuasion which helped put an end to this case."  E. Neville, Defense Counsel, Personal Injury

"I have advised all attorneys on my team to suggest your name whenever considering any alternate dispute resolution, in particular, for our uninsured motorist arbitrations and mediations....  The highest recommendation for an outstanding job!"  R. Patrao, Defense Counsel, Personal Injury, Auto

"I was very impressed with your skill and initiative."  D. Forgey, Defense Counsel, Medical Malpractice

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your sincere assistance in resolving what we regarded to be a complex and costly litigation.  Your efforts achieved a wonderful settlement. "  H. Gold, Plaintiff's Counsel, Personal Injury

"We were able to settle this case for a substantial amount, due primarily to Ms. Kaufer's efforts.  This was a highly emotional case on both sides and Ms. Kaufer's efforts went far and above what other mediators normally do."  S. Leiber, Plaintiff's Counsel, Legal Malpractice

"Ms. Kaufer's handling of this difficult case (due to the emotions of the plaintiff) were stellar and extraordinary."  B. Lepak, Defense Counsel, Business/Contract

"Very Good Experience, Ms. Kaufer was extremely professional & had good control of the proceedings."  B. Davis, Plaintiff's Counsel, Personal Injury/Auto

"Laurel Kaufer is an exceptional mediator.  Her services are greatly appreciated."  D. Chaleff, Plaintiff's Counsel, Employment

"Ms. Kaufer was excellent!  Very skilled and knowledgeable! One of the best mediators in the city."  D. Behesnilian, Plaintiff's Counsel, Personal Injury/Premises Liability

"Ms. Kaufer was excellent!  Very patient; Very thoughtful.  I would certainly use her again."  E. Farricker, Defense Counsel, Personal Injury/Premises Liability

"Thank you again for your hard work in pursuit of settlement.  Your sincerity helped make this settlement happen."  G.  Johnson