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My mediations are handled in a flexible format, using both the facilitative and evaluative mediation styles. In facilitation, I establish with the parties in group discussion and private caucus, the status of the case, goals of litigation (if litigated), critical issues in dispute and how they prefer to conduct the discussions. In evaluation, I use private caucus to assist the parties in evaluating the possible results at trial, the costs of obtaining each result and the value of settlement. This includes discussion of factual issues, legal issues, jury composition, jury verdicts, expert witnesses and credibility.

As a trained and experienced neutral, I meet with all parties to help them negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution to their case. As a  mediator, I do not impose a decision on any party, but rather assist them in exploring options for resolution, typically focusing on the parties' interests. The disputants retain total control of the outcome. A mediation can often be set quickly and be completed within a single day, making it considerably faster and more cost effective than traditional litigation. All mediations are conducted in accordance with the CDRC Standards of Practice for California Mediators.


I offer our clients a choice of arbitration styles for both binding and non-binding arbitrations. Binding arbitration is final. It brings closure with very few rights of appeal. Most arbitrations can be conducted within a day, with some more complex cases taking more time. Even though all parties to an arbitration conduct at least limited discovery, it is generally considered faster and more cost effective than litigation. All arbitrations are conducted in accordance with the AAA Arbitrator Code of Ethics.

The choice of style is may be decided by the parties and their counsel, either prior to or during the hearing. Where no specific request is made, we use the Standard Arbitration format described below:

1) Formal Arbitration (Neutral bench trial): Counsel for parties or parties in pro per make opening statements, present witnesses and evidence, cross-examination of witnesses is permitted, the arbitrator then asks any necessary questions, counsel is permitted a closing statement and the arbitrator takes the matter under submission. The arbitrator will render an award within 10 days of termination of hearings.*

2) Standard Arbitration: Similar to formal arbitration in agenda and award, but in a flexible and informal discussion format, rather than a judicial format.

* Note: The arbitrator will consider all applicable rules of law and evidence as presented at the hearing. The arbitrator may, but shall not be expected to, conduct independent legal research in determining the award.

Special Settlement Hearings


Discovery Disputes

I work with the parties and/or their counsel to customize an appropriate dispute resolution process to meet their particular needs. Special Master sessions can include elements of mediation, arbitration, litigation, and neutral evaluation.

Special Master processes can include such things as settlement conferences, provision of ongoing mediation and referee services to assist in resolving discovery disputes in complex cases, carrying out the terms of complex settlements or those that require performance over a designated period of time, Private Judges for private mini-trials, or any other custom process the parties want to design.

These hearings are conducted in accordance with either, the CDRC Standards of Practice for California Mediators or the AAA Arbitrator Code of Ethics, as appropriate.

Neutral Evaluation

As a neutral with subject matter expertise, I can assist the parties through a Neutral Evaluation process in evaluating their claims and the supporting evidence. I offer an assessment of the merits of the case, can clarify the central issues in dispute, assist with discovery and motion planning, or even facilitate settlement discussions if requested by the parties. These assessments are not binding; however, equipped with this information, cases frequently settle during the NE or within a short time thereafter. NE may also serve as a cost-effective substitute for formal discovery and pretrial motions, while positioning the case for early resolution.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business
  • Personal Injury
  • Landlord / Tenant
  • Product Liability
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Homeowners Association
  • Real Estate
  • Legal and Medical Malpratice
  • Product Liability
  • Bad Faith
  • Construction
  • Homeowner / Contractor

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